Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Emir macam big boy. Terkejut bile die pandai swing sendiri.. and sekarang ni die dah pandai turun gelongsor. Picture taken on our way back to Malacca last Saturday at R&R Ayer Keroh

The picture above is not related to this post. :D

Before I proceed, i express my condolence to the victim's family who perished in the helicopter crash near Genting Sempah. AlFatihah. I wonder why our government still keeping the Nuris after several crashes.

Anyway, Emir has stopped me to write the first sentence for almost two to three hours. He was sleeping since 8 pm but I could see Emir was not really having a good sleep. I heard a "sound" when he was breathing and at one point the sound was very definite. Yeah, may be he inherits from us. Both of us are having the same problem but the last time I have been attacked by it when I was 12 years old. You get wat i mean?? I dont want to mention the word here.

Right now, his breathing is back to normal, but if it becomes worsen tomorrow (which I pray hard not to), I will definitely be on EL even though my works is piling up. Speaking about works - well, things have not becomes smoothly, the Company really drives me crazy!! Note to the Company .. i really want to be part of you so I dont have to dig out all the pieces and compile it!! Im sick when it comes to solve the refund. How nice if i am the contact person and just ask about the progress.. Haha!! Mimpilah!! And today, I spent almost two hours just to justify the Act and sadly Im not done yet!! Damn it..

I am not really sure how many mothers are reading my blogs. i have one question here, how did you cut your son/daughter's hair especially at my son's age?? I am planning to do a major make over to him.. heheh.. Rambut die masuk mate.. asyik2 gosok..

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