Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gambar mase hantar Mimi masuk Uitm Tronoh last week


This is one of Wan Salleh's angels. I come from a BiG family. As the eldest of seven, i have BiG responsibilities and sad to say, I am yet too far to be a good Kakak. Anyway, I just hope that one fine day, I will ask my parents to stop working and spend the rest of their life doing what they want. My father should nt be working rite now, he should stay at home doing gardening or watever, but yeah he is still working.. Yeah, i know its kinda too late, but I hope at least one day I am able to help them a lot better than today..

And that is the reason, why I refused to work with the government. I dream BIG. And I really want the BIG thing to happen. Am not underestimating the government servant - my parents, my parents in law even my hubby are working with the gomen. They feed me with their money as a government servant. All I want to say here is, I want my children to achieve what I couldnt achieve in the past, and to that, I have to prepare it from now.

And thats y, I always keep my son's photo everywhere and anywhere I go, cos everytime I see him, i know everything is for him..

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