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Emir makan cenkodok pisang.. Sedap tak??

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Why we chose to name my boy Muhammad Emir Rasyid

One of the very first duties we have towards our very own child, besides physical care and love, is to give his name that carries honor and Islamic meaning behind it. That was somehow the reason why I was eager to know the sex of my child. Since then, we have selected two names namely for baby boy and baby girl. At the very beginning, we wants it to be two words, not too short and not too long and the rules that remains unchanged was it must starts with EM + MIR or EM + MIRA. If he is a boy then of cos his name will be Emir and if she is a girl - most probably Emira.

Of course it was not just about combination, we also have taken into account the meaning of Emir. In Malaysia, Amir is a common name but we understand that Emir is popular in Arab country and it carries the same definition - Leader. As the eldest, we hope that Emir will be the role model for his siblings and later to the country.

During my pregnancy, I would ensure that I called Emir as often as I could. But honestly, I do afraid if a baby girl comes out. Ye la takut jadi tomboy sebab asyik panggil name laki je. Alhamdullillah, he is a boy.. Since we prefer two words, so at first we decided to name our baby, Emir Zulkarnain and it was our top secret for nearly eight months.

I just love Zulkarnain. Why? I am not so sure and luckily hubby dint object at all. Zulkarnain means brave. But towards the end of my pregnancy, I was having a thought that Leader and Brave is related to each other. As a leader of course you must be very determined and brave. So to me it is a redundant and somehow Zulkarnainn has three pronunciation.

I told my hubby to search for "intelligent" or "bright". He listed down few names and after a few discussion, we have selected Rasyid. Apart from the definition, it is truly the combination of "Emir Mira - Emir Ra... syid".

I chose to call him Emir because I want everyone to pray for his name. I would prefer if everyone stick calling my son Emir rather than Em or Mir. Sometimes I called him Muhammad or Rasyid but I always remind myself to call my son on his full name.. I mean not mamat, syid, or etc..

And we thought we could name our son only Emir Rasyid but as suggested by both fathers, they would prefer if we put Muhammad in front of it and kami memang terkenal anak yang baik, terus setuju saja tanpa banyak cerita :D .. And now, my son has to spend some time filling up his exam papers with the very long name - Muhammad Emir Rasyid bin Emran.. just like his Ibu.. hehehe.. and we proud of it..

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