Sunday, June 24, 2007

Video ni tak de kene mengena dengan cerita kat bawah. Tengoklah Emir tanpa rasa bersalah nya ketuk handphone and tengoklah bapaknyer tak kisah pun anak die main ngan handphone.. and sekarang handphone tu dah mengong sikit, so memang susah giler nak contact bapak die (geram!!)

Time flies

I clearly remembered my wedding preparation. Yeah like any other brides, we always wanted the perfect memories that cant last. And mind u, the groom couldnt stop clicking their eyes to see how we spent their money. hehe.. That time, you name it, bridal fair, magazines, wedding gallery, bunga telur, and even slimming centre.. haha - in short, I never failed to at least window shopping to get the best price.. and I did..

Even though the wedding was not perfectly smooth, Hana ingat tak mase nak berarak tu, bunga tak de, n u running here n there cari bunga.. and INGAT TAK u lost ur temper coz u hv to change baju merah yang tak iron tu :D but it was such a memory.

Then.. next stage.. during my pregnancy. As a first time mommy to be, of cos you dream that your child will get the best of all. Again, with perut yang memboyot, I wouldnt mind to shop at any stores and it ends up, my baby will get more than what is needed. Hehe.. Not only that, I equipped myself with new knowledge .. Vitamins, type of stroller, type of breast pump, baby cot and etc.. And whatever it is, pregnancy period is the greatest feeling EVER!! Hubby will get extremely jealous when Emir was kicking his Ibu and it can be seen from my tummy. Macam ade bende melompat lompat.. hehe.. and to that, i want to get pregnant again.. Haha

And now, moving to our own new house. At this moment, even though money is our constraint, but it couldnt stop us to enjoy our new addiction - berlagak macam orang banyak duit, pergi kedai best-best, pretends that we can afford it. Haha.. Im telling you, my hubby is the best actor for this role.. :d

Anyway, I might say we deserve it. We did get the good price - from grill to furniture. Again, as our budget is very limited, it goes back to necessity rather than nak bergaya. Tak mampu lagi. But anyway, you can ask me what you want, and I can recommend you where to go and NOT to go :D..

And that is circle of life.. One stage to another.. and it shows how old you are..

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