Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Emir loves to explore and to us, he is a quick learner. Sekali ajar kejap je tiru. Sometimes we dont have to teach him. It is just coming from his observation towards our daily life. One of it, whereever we wash his hands, he will splash his hands (is it splasah?? not sure how to describe). Alaa, kan our habit, lepas basuh tangan je mesti kite kibas2kan tangan kite. Thats what he did.

Last Saturday, he was holding a pen. Suddenly, he quickly crawling to the other side err which was out of his way. I wonder where he was going, and to our surprise, he was looking for a paper and writes on it!!

Note: at least he knows to search for a paper not WALL.. if not, my mum will scream at us..

On the separate knows, takziah to keluarga Allahyarham Tan Sri Abdul Malek. Alfatihah

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