Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Emir @ 4 months.. Sekejap je dah nak setahun kan

Cerita pindah rumah

Bile nak pindah rumah? Currently, it is the fav questions among our family and friends. And the answer always be, "Tak tau, bile dah settle semua, pindahlah". And please expect the same answer even though you have asked the same questions before.

Today im on leave. A lot of things need to be done especially for the defect report. And this morning we started by surveying the price for the lights. Asal nampak kedai lampu je, berhenti and compare the price. Well, enough said, its pretty hard for us as we have to choose between PRICE and CHOICE and to make it worst, Hubby and I have different specs. Susah woo.. and until now we haven't come up with the decision yet. Dua dua nak ikut ape die nak :)..

Anyway, I just got to know, my cousin ada buat NOVEL. Rasie dah pecah.. huhuhu And my dearest cousin, I read it AND GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD Work!!! Boleh publish tu sayang.. Ikutkan hati nak je paste the URL here :D so let the other readers value your work..

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