Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Its over

Alhamdulillah, I managed to go through my second compliance. Looking back at this time, honestly it is painful and stressful and I might say I never enjoy my peak period mainly because the unhealthy surroundings. Yeah, this is where all the cursing and blaming each other appears for just one simple mistake. And i admit, for some reasons, I regret that I cancel my decision to resign before the compliance begins.

Anyway, those were the days where I coudlnt control the pressure and people. But apart from that, I am glad to know this team. If I run a biz and afford to pay the salary, of course I will hire them as my staffs. Haha. Trust me, Tak ramai orang yang sanggup duduk lama-lama kat ofis and very determine to finish the assignments.

NOW, I am back as a mother and a wife. I missed Emir so much. Usually when i reached home, Emir dah tido. Sometimes, if I am lucky, I could see his smile from his face. Kalau tak telan air liur laa. And sometimes, I would wake him up to play with him. Yes, it is definitely not easy to adapt your work and family. After more that 12 hours in the office, of course I am too weak for house chores or even Emir. But until now, I dont have an answer how I manage to look after Emir during the night. Kalau emir terjage memang susah nak tido!!.. I think it is all back to motherhood. Heh, patutlah syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu.

On top of that, Err, sorry becos lately I didnt reply any SMSes. to tell you the truth, i dont bother checking my handphone at all :D Tak sempat or I make it simple. Malas. hehe. During peak period, my phone is just to answer hubby's call and informed him "aaa, nak balik pukul sekian sekian sekian".

Anyway, for the beginning, hari ni bawak Emir jalan-jalan kat Tesco main playground tu. and he was soooooooooooooooooo happy to see his friends. hehe. And orang rumah kate, bukan main ngade2 lagi Emir, maklumlah setelah sekian lame, ni la first day, I am 24 hours with him. Btw, ingatkan nak jalan2 sekali hubby dah start kursus for 2-3 weeks starting from tomorrow. Tak best betul :(..

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