Thursday, May 03, 2007

HC ke?? asal senyap??

For some reasons, i dont want the peak period comes to an end. hehe sounds weird rite? but hey, how i should say this, chaotic? quiet? yeah thats how i describe my department rite now. Sooo quiet, even everyone could hear if I tear a paper. Yes, half of the department are on leaves and me, standing with my decision "dont take leave while everyone is on leave" is actually worst than i tot. Before, i would enjoy the scenery, browsing any webs that i want, but today, I couldnt do so as my so call boss boss keeps me busy. And i am so not into mood to start anything!!

So tomorrow, i will be on leave even though my boss hasnt approve my leave yet. Haha.. biarkan aku dengan labu labuaku.. Even, my hubby is hoping that I could skip work tomorrow. Almaklum since he becomes my "driver", die pun peak period jugak. :D

So, tomorrow, I would start with my first activity after compliance.. BUAT CUPCAKES!!! Seriously, I dont know what the recipe is, esok sesi hentam keromo. I just love the art of the cupcakes. Boleh release tension..

Anyway, yesterday, we went to parents-get-together at kak didik's house. And tengah tunggu kak didik pos gambar, later i can post it here. hehe. Tak sabar nak tunggu gambar MIA and EMIR sebelah-sebelah..

p/s my second anniversary is getting nearer, but i dont have any plan yet.. :Dsaje highlight.. orang yang paham tu patut paham la :p

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