Sunday, May 06, 2007

Goodbye Makcik

She is very dear to us (my family). But time flies, she has to go back for some reasons. She is very sincere in taking care of my late greatgrandma and she was the one who looked after Emir for eight months before I get my own maid. Even, my son is quite attach to her if im not at home. Anyway, We will miss u makcik.

Great story to share. As you all know, I am quite dependant on my husband. Well, I have learnt a lesson yesterday. Even a simple thing can turns into complicated situation. Yes, I brought along Emir's stroller to the airport. But unfortunately when we arrived there, I tak dapat bukak pun stroller ni. Terlalu canggih betullah stroller ni. All this while, my hubby will do and i just placed Emir inside the stroller. Coincidently, i put the manuals inside Emir's bag and it saved my day!! Tapi kelakar gile, duduk depan orang, bukak manual.. heheh.

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