Sunday, May 13, 2007

Emir won Crawl to Mummy yesterday.. Walaupun nak dekat sampai die boleh patah balik ke starting point.. Nasib baik separuh jalan and he turned back to his Ibu. Heheh. Anyway, he had a splendid day yesterday!! dengan maskot ni pun die tak takut.. Ingatkan die takut

Happy Mother's Day

My mum is a mother of seven. Apart from a wife, she has built her career up to the level where I am proud of her and she is still working. Yes, it is not easy to success in both fields as it requires high commitment and attention.

To raise seven kids nowadays is totally different from the yester years especially each of us has different characteristics and attitude. Degil, kuat marah, pendiam, kuat cakap, rajin, malas, telebih independent, kurang independant - yes we have it all under one roof and my mum handles it in her own way.

I have asked her once, mama ni tak penat ke? and she just answered "Dah biase". To be honest, we rarely eat outside coz my mum will cook at home. You name it- from pizza to lemang, she knows how to do it tastefully but unfortunately I still not inherit her skills yet!! If you come over to my house, my mum will never fail to feed you with heavy food!! As far as I can remember, I have never seen our guest makan biskut kering ke, kuih raya saje ke, biskut saje ke, buah je ke, unless yang jamu tu anak-anak die :p

And until now since I started my school which is 18 years back, my mum will rush to fetch us from school, tuition, lrt station, or even shopping mall!!. And at night, she will guide us to do our homework before she proceeds with her work.

Yes, she is my superhero. And now, I myself is a mother. And I understand why syurga itu di bawah tapak kaki ibu. Even though we are tired, we still have that energy for our kids and for our family. To me, it is just a beginning, the challenge is still far far away from what my mother has gone through. And i appreciate my mother more coz i know she is superb. Im pretty sure my dad will read this post and she will pass this post to her. And MAMA Happy Mother's Day! Love you so much..

p/s Semalam ade sedara datang rumah nak hantar kad.. Terkejut gile sebab dalam kad tu - Walimatulurus Ahmad Bukhari and KHAIRATUL NAINEY 30 June ni.. Katun Congrats!! Nanti kite jadi sedara.. Keh keh keh..

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