Saturday, April 07, 2007

My week

When you have a family, you could not expect or even plan your day. A nice day sometimes could turn up to be your busiest day. And as a Ibu, you have to bear there is very crucial to find some space for your own sweet time.

Well, my unexpected week started when my little Emir scratching here and there in the middle of the night and it brought me to a very sleepless night on very early Tuesday. At first, I thought the mosquitoes bite him, but when I switch on the light, I saw my baby face was "covered" with red spotted dot. And again to my knowledge, I assume it was only typical skin rash.

The next day, we went to see the paed. Surprisingly, the paed said, Emir was "attacked" by the Measles and I wonder where he gets it. You see, as far as I remember, the last day I took him out for outing was during Noris's weds. Yes, ladies and gents, kesian Emir, I am so busy and Emir is left at home :(. No wonder, he had a hacking cough, slightly running nose and fever!!

That day, I took a day off and both of us enjoy sleeping during the day.. haha!! But the next day was a nightmare, for just one day away from the office, my workstation is so messed with papers and datelines!! and what a day..

And speaking of the days in my office, I felt very very lonely this week. Not that I dont have my colleagues to cheer me up, but I just need someone to share what I feel, how I feel and support at least for a second for why I feel that way. Oh boy, how I missed Nadia, Ina and Vivian.

Any my week ends with a question how much do you understand and support your other half's work? It is very subjective kan.. :)

p/s ade gambar Emir kene campak tapi cable phone dah rosak!! uwaaaa.. I need my own camera..

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