Thursday, April 19, 2007

I miss Emir

Oh boy, i never learnt from the past. Haha, last year was tiring perhaps I was heavily pregnant. But this year, I am extremely tired with this peak period. Less sleep and less rest.

But like Halogamora said, when you see your son's smile, all the pressure and stress GONE!! Emir is getting naughtier. He has more things to show to his parents. Now, he knows what he wants and when I ignore it, habis.. hehe.

How I missed spending our own quality time together. Usually, every weekend we would went out to anywhere (shopping, playground, etC) but at this point of time, to see my baby is awake and playful is beyond my prediction. Sedih oo. Mane tak nye, Ibu keluar bile Emir tido, Ibu balik bile Emir dah tido.

I could stand when client scolded me but I couldnt stand when I am quite "farrrrrrrrrrrrr" away from Emir.

Please let me see MAY..

p/s Yes, I have a very supportive husband. Everyday he will wait for me up until 10pm and he will cheer me up without making any fuss about it.

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