Friday, March 16, 2007

I ve been tagged by AMP

I am still in the office, my mood is slowing down cos I cant stop thinking about Emir. It is already 9+ and im bet emir dah panas punggung tunggu mak die balik. Sorry erk, Ibu kene buat keje.. :( So, I make myself PREOCCUPIED by doing this for my short break

Your name: Wan Amira

1. Famous Athlete: Wong Choon Han

2. 4 letter word: Weih!!

3. Street name: W

4. Color: White

5. Gifts/presents: Winnie the Pooh (BIG POOH - given by my housemates - THaNKS!!)

6. Vehicles: Wald

7. Tropical Locations: Pass

8. College Majors: Words

9. Dairy Products: White milk

10. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Wallpaper

11. Boy Name: Wan

12. Girl Name: Wan Amira

13. Movie Titles: Walk to Remember (A) :p

14. Alcohol: Pass

15. Occupations: Waiter

16. Flowers: White Lily

17. Celebrities: Wan Zaleha

18. Magazines: Women's Weekly

19. Malaysia Cities: ??

20. Pro Sports Teams: ???

21. Something Found in a kitchen: Water

22. Reason for Being Late (or dead): Weng!!

23. Something You Throw Away: Wang :p

24. Things You Shout: Woii!!

25. Cartoon Character: Winnie the Pooh

26. Tag, you are it!: Wan Azliana (Dotty), Wei Nee, Wahidda (Farah)

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