Saturday, March 31, 2007

Emir @ 9 months

Yes, my baby is growing and it has been 9 beautifully months after I ve been carrying him for 9 months. Since my life has been hectic for the past few weeks, Emir's pictures are like therapy to gear up my day.

Now, Emir knows how to stand on his own!! kalau boleh semua tempat yang boleh panjat, die nak berdiri, look at the picture down here.. And Emir sekarang ni dah pandai Bababababbaba and Mamamamamaam but not bububububbubu.. Slowly Emir ok.. and these few days Emir tak sihat..

Anyway, we went to Martel Warehouse Sale this morning. The funny thing during the sale was - the parents were fighting to grab FisherPrice products including Us.. Haha.. But it worths! Emir loves the toys..

p/s congratulations to HotMama for the good news - second baby!! I excited gile Dotty. Yes, im late. :D and Happy Birthday to Ika (my youngest sis) and Hana, Im lost... huhuhu

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