Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cuti-cuti Shah Alam

3 beranak

Ni la gaye Emir kalau letak dalam stroller. Boikot memangjang
Emir seronok betul swimming dengan papa die.

Ibu dengan Emir

Kalau nak bagi emir senyap, bagi die berdiri..

Last weekend, we stayed for 3 days two nights at Glenmarie Shah Alam. Actually hubby was having discussion with his colleagues, so since they have one extra room, err honestly i forced hubby to get a room, so this busy body mummy happily packed our bags and rushed to Shah Alam on Friday.

Most of the time, Ibu and son stayed in the room since hubby had a very tight schedule. I love this activity cos Ibu and Emir could spent our time together without di sabotaj by Papa :p tapi bile Emir tido, ibu mati kutu.


I want this to be written so that one day when I read this entry, I know that hubby really loves me.

It was Friday night, as usual hubby will fetch me but that day was different. Hubby called me earlier asking me to wait for him in the lobby at 5.30pm sharp. The traffic was heavy, we managed to arrive home around 6.40pm and hubby's program started at 8pm. I quickly packed my bag as well as Emir. Luckily i have packed hubby's bag earlier.

And to that, of cos hubby was late. On our way, he was concerned about my dinner and few times asking me whether it is ok if we had our dinner after he finished the session.

I patiently waited in our room. At 11pm, I SMS him for his whereabout. A few minutes later, he came to the room with something in his hand. Yeah, he tapau-ing bubur for me using the aluminium foil. I am touched.

At 12+ hubby SMS me and informed me that he was in Shah Alam but he only came back nearly 2am. He bought 2 nasi putih and tom yam but the tom yam is lacked of lauk. FYI, nasi i mesti kene ade lauk. I merajuk + sedih + geram, even though I understand that hubby was damn tired. Jamah sikit je and I stopped eating. Knowing me, hubby then came to me and suapkan nasi but I told him "tanak".

After a while, I told hubby I was damn hungry (last meal - lunch), and he asked me to order In Room Dining but I refused because you know y - WASTED. Hubby of cos willingly want to buy my food at the mamak stall nearby, but I was reluctant to let him go because from his face, I knew he was tired and sleepy.

That time was nearly 2.30 am, hubby nak jugak keluar and keep saying "kite ade bini kenelah jage". Alas, i dint stop him since I was hungry. he came back around 3+ with maggi goreng in his hand. I felt guilty with my attitude because at first I tot he already had his dinner with his colleague and left me with empty stomache. Yeah, I was wrong, he was late because he couldnt find nasi for me and he bought tom yam because I always ordered tom yam. To that, I love him even more. And abang, sorry yer.. Love you..

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