Thursday, December 21, 2006


Actually this story happened last two days yet it was one of the best feeling I ever had since i stepped into motherly world. Well, currently i am quite busy with my work before the Christmas comes. Yeah, everyone keep nagging you to pass the work to them before they are going on leave. Hey, im not blaming you for that (for those yang terase) :D..

Ok, last two days I went home around 9 pm and mind you that was the first time i left my baby for more than 10 hours!! Of course I felt guilty but works need to be done. So, when i returned home, i could listen his voice crying and when he saw me, my goodness.. the sound is even louder.

First note - He missed me... (Checked)

And when I cuddled him, Emir tightly hold his two hands around my neck and KISS ME on and on!! That was extremely incredible and i bet his papa was damn jealous.. To that, I am deeply thinking whether should i or should not i be in this line cos I MISSED EMIR too (Note: Tax return submission is coming this April)...

Anyway, the picture taken during our Christmas party this afternoon. Lovely colleagues and kudos to all VTs who organized this party!!

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