Monday, December 11, 2006

Sabah Part 2

I agree no doubt Sabah is the beautiful place to visit, but to answer Hana's question.. err actually you can have Karambunai here in Semenanjung, the beach is quite similar to Kuantan Swiss Garden. I recommend you for Karambunai if you are deeply crazy to have a peace of mind. The place is quite isolate and it is very hard to get cheap food.

If you ask me, I am not going to spend RM40 for Nasi Goreng. There is no food stalls or any groceries shop nearby. Yeah, the resort has it but it didnt sell bread or I might say anything that can keep your stomach full for at least a day!!

But being a five to six star hotel, Nexus's hospitality is definitely one could ever forget. Even the cleaner will greet you from far. Everyone is willing to be your tour guide err even though without a tip. nyeh nyeh..

On our third day, we decided to stay in KK, yeah - ALASANNYE - SHOPPING!! Sudah lame tak shopping, kalau shopping pun seronok untuk anak je. We stayed at Le Meridien KK, exactly in front of Pasar Manila. Luckily on that day, they were having pasar malam, so ape lagi, qadar makan. hehe. Hubby was quite adventures, he chose to buy "Sabahan" foods instead of me, i was just searching for normal food.

Later that night, we found out that there was another pasar malam behind our hotel. At first, I was reluctant to go (yelaa sebab bawak baby takkan jalan malam-malam) but I couldnt resist the "sparkling" pearl, hehe plus hubby gave his green light to use his money!! hehe. Terima kasih banyak-banyak.

The next day, then only we went to Pasar Manila. I shopped and shopped, I bought more on household stuffs but luckily Emir's tantrum stopped us from spending and spending. Kawan tu tak tahan panas.

Anyway, the trip is enjoyable and fun!! and we are looking forward for another vacation.. Ade orang nak sponsor??? heheh

Nak checkout, kene naik bende ni sebab kalau jalan from our room jauh giler!!

Papa and son of the year

KK from our hotel

Pasar Malam, barang-barang murah bangat!!

Makcik ni kacau Emir sehabis-habis!!

Makanan yang ditelan oleh Emran Mohd Tamil

Emir sebelum bedtime

Dekat Pasar Manila, tengokla Emir dah start buat muke

Emir lepas mengamuk!! TIDUR!!

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