Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pernah tak

It was a very tiring Sunday. Balik dari Melaka, petang sampai ke malam we attended 3 open houses in a row. Brought Emir along, so he was nt in his good mood, perhaps he was also like his parents - PENAT. and that nite, he didnt have his peaceful sleep and me - sleepless nite!!!

So, the next day, I took a MC and went to see the doc with a reason - having a terribly stress (ala ala menipu jugak tu). Suddenly, that Monday nite itself, I was in pain. Real pain!! Sakit perut + muntah and I lost my whole energy.

So the next day, I went to see the doctor again. Wild guess - the doctor said, maybe I AM PREGNANTTT!! Haha, of cos, i laughed to the bone, but deep inside kalau boleh nak rest dulu :D

But as not to my surprise, i kene food poisoning tak pun diarrhoea, :( and the pain is still here. Ingat nak MC tapi dah 2 hari dah MC minggu ni. Emir pulak macam tau tau mak die sakit, die tak buat perangai pun malam-malam.. and hubby u r really supportive.

kesimpulannya, jangan buat buat sakit, sekali sakit betul!!

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