Saturday, September 23, 2006

Salam Ramadhan

"Setahun berlalu, Ramadhan menjelma, bulan penuh keberkatan. Selamilah Ramadhan kerna mungkin kita tidak sempat untuk menyambut kedatangannya lagi."

Few bloggers kept asking me why i left my blog behind. To tell u the truth, i always have a passion in writing, yes i do, even though my writing sometimes considered as "syok sendiri", but lately, as you all aware, im back to work, and my time is very limited to spend on unneccesary things. To me, its better i save my time for my health and my family. :D

Emir has just recovered. Syukran to Allah, finally the phlegm run away. It is not easy to see your own baby suffered from this easily spread diseases. Ok, forget about it, Emir is back but his tantrum getting "wild". :D Letih den.. But what to say, anak sendiri, layan je laa.

Ok, tomorrow is the first day of Ramadhan. Last year, I had a chanced to prepare sahur and berbuka for my hubby since we were staying away from our parents but this year, with Emir around, of course I need extra hand. Luckily i stayed with my parents .. :D..

Salam puasa dari Emran, Mira & Emir

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