Saturday, September 16, 2006

Missing my maternity leave

It has been a full hectic week. No, I am no more talking about my workloads but I am here to highlight that now I am holding three positions that require effort, patient, and determination - the wife to Emran, the mother to Emir and the employee to EY, not to forget the daughter of my parents and the BIG sister to my siblings. All and all, I must say, it is tiring but hey, for Emir, it worth it.

I must admit, my concentration is more on Emir, and I realized I have left my dearie hubby behind my list. Feeling guilty is becoming my fear. I know he understands that I want to serve the best for Emir but I do question myself - how long can he tolerate?

One week after i get back to work, two days i was on Emergency Leaves. Yes, Emir needs me. It started a day before his Aqiqah and the story continues until now. Emir is not feeling well. It is painful for me to watch him with a bad sore throat, running nose, fever and phlegm. I wish i could switch to his place, but of course, it is impossible. One simple test from Him, has turned me into a complete panic. Yes, we have consult his paediatrician and from the Doc's advice, we have to bring him for physiotherapy treatment to loosen his phlegm. For a week, Emir is under observation. Alhamdulillah, Emir is getting better now.

During the day, I have to pass my responsibility to my mum's maid. That is the best thing i could do for now. Everyday before i go to work, I softly whisper to his ear just to let him know that I am away to earn extra money for his better living. Even though he is not in his best condition, Emir will always cheer me up, he will smile wherever I play his favorite toy and he enjoys when I do a stupid joke.

But one thing never change, Emir will keep me awake during the night. Today, I am thankful if i manage to have at least 3 hours of sleeping without listening to his "alarm". Yes, it is cycle of life. To be specific - a woman's life. So, kurang ajar la kepada sesiapa yang tidak menghargai jasa ibu anda.

Btw, Emir's Aqiqah was held on 9 September 2006, It was a simple ceremony but MERIAH.. Do enjoy the pics..

p/s Sekarang ibu Emir pulak sakit

Kambing biri-biri - Aqiqah untuk Emir, papa Emir pilih paling gemuk sekali dalam kandang tu..

VIP that day - tengah bersiap

My lovely boys, Papa Emir pun tanak kalah jugak, hensem kan? :p

Ibu Emir, tengok muke Emir, mase ni die dah start tak bermaya

Marhaban dari Kg Kemensah

Kurma untuk tetamu

Papa Emir potong rambut Emir

Tok Emir

Nenek Emir

Nani Emir

Cousin ku - Ani yang akan berangkat ke Heriot Watt (spelling?) in few weeks time

Emir berbaju Melayu

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