Thursday, August 17, 2006

Post natal check up

Yesterday, we went for the post natal check up with my gynea. At first, I was pretty like avoiding the date, and I was prepared not to remind hubby anything about it (I bet he dint remember at all), but thinking about Emir who needs a healthy and super Mom, so I allowed myself to inform hubby this appointment and of cos he would ensure that we meet our gynea.

There are two reasons being why we have to go to Damai Hospital. First and foremost, I have to check if i have any signs of cancer - which mean Pap Smear and secondly consultation for our family planning.

Oh my, I must admit that I am really phobia to let any gadget be inside my body and to see that equipment, memang takut yang amat. I questioned a lot even though the doctor explained that it will be a quick process and it is not "that" painful. After a few attempts, the doctor failed to persuade me, even whenever the doctor touched me, I would "screamed". Alas, the doctor asked me to see her when i am ready. (But i think, it will be the same). Hubby not helping at all - haha, he just said "Buat je laa ape nak takut". Kirim salam laa bang, bukan abang kene..

Family plannig - the most interesting part, tapi biarlaa rahsia kan :d .. daa but i dont mind to share with other mama :D

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