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The joy of becoming a mother to Muhammad Emir Rasyid

Anyway, the name has not been finalized yet but Emir Rasyid will be there. We haven't decide whether Muhammad or Mohammad but Muhammad is my preferences.

Today, is my 4th day I entered the parenting world and I am too happy that words couldn't describe my magical moments happens in my life. Thanks to Allah for His priceless rewards not only for both of us but to both of our family.

Looking back at the last 9 months, Allah has tested me with uncountable obstacles in carrying Emir but yet Allah has given me a chance to bring him to this world and become one of His caliph and to that both hubby and I will try our very best to guide him to the right path. InsyaAllah

Sharing the Caesarean experience

On 28 June 2006, my gynea has confirmed that my placenta is slightly lower that its normal position, well - getting worst, last time I was a Type 1 but during the last check up I was diagnosed as a Type 2. The reason behind, the water in my placenta has dropped to 6 which is dangerous and may cause the problem for the baby - secondary to acute blood loss. My gynea confirmed that only the caesarean is the ultimate method and suggested it should be done NOW. (Emergency caesarean)

And of course I was not ready for the sudden decision, and my gynea has directed me to do the CTG procedure to ensure Emir's heartbeat can wait until the next day and Alhamdulillah my prayer is answered.

29 June 2006. I was admitted to the hospital around 11 am and has been advised to take the last meal at 8 am. I took Nasi Lemak together with Sotong (my fave) as the last heavy breakfast before my confinement period. When I was admitted, the nurse keep asking why I have to undergo the caesarean because I was quite "healthier" – Im still carrying bags and joking with my hubby.

The preparation before the caesarean was a nightmare!! Sangat tidak suka. When I entered the OT room, I informed the doctors that I was shaking and they have given me some time for me to cool down. I have been injected with epidural, therefore the
process would never be erased in my mind. Anyway, I was scared to have a look on whats going on but definitely I could hear the doctors drilling, cutting, talking, water bag’s breaking and..

When my baby entered the world, subhanallah and it was much to my relief when Emir started to cried out loud. My tears rolling down on my cheek as the doctor straight away showed me my real Emir covered with blood. And it is true, even though I didn't experience any contraction, but the caesarean pain is gone once I looked at Emir and the most intimate moment was when the doctor asked me to kiss my baby. Well, I could be touched if I rewind that moment.

I heard hubby perform Azan to his ears and I have seen happy faces from my family but the pain is back when I have been placed in my room. : D. The pain is here until now.!!


Like other new mothers, I was worried because there is no sign of me producing the milk. The nurse told me, I could only hold and breastfeed Emir once I am able to sit. Having the first sitting after operation was seriously painful, but to meet my baby, with that courage I did it. But only the third day, they allowed me to breastfeed Emir.

gambar emir kekenyangan lepas dua jam dibreastfeed

Quickly I informed the nurse that I don't have any milk to supply but I have been advised to let Emir working on it and it is

a miracle!! With just one assignment given to Emir, he has brought to his ibu one big smile.

And, I am so touched when Emir rejected the formulated milk, and yesterday, in the middle of night, I have breastfeed Emir for 2 hours and a total of four hours from 11pm to 7am) and I wondered sebab tu lah air asyik tak cukup since he drinks like nobody business.


To me, to carry a baby is much much easier than to raise a baby. Emir has given us a challenge to cope up with our sleeping time. As I mentioned in my post before, Emir was so active at night at the cycle goes on after his arrival. He didn't sleep the whole night and we have to take turns to accompany him. The funny thing is, he follows my sleeping schedule when I was carrying him.

Yeah, as you know, I am the biggest World Cup fan and to watch all matches, I will sleep before the first game started and after the first game ended and that is what he is doing it to us now. He woke up at 11pm, forced me to breastfeed him it seriously until the Portugal won the match and sleep again and woke up at 3am and again I bf him until Brazil lost the match!! And during the day, Emir tido setido setidonyer. Sekarang ni pun die tido, sebab tu boleh blog kejap. Orang buat bising semua Emir tak heran.

hadiah dari nenek nurhana - stokin yang dijahit sendiri (4 pasang!)

Terima kasih kepada semua yang memberi ucapan, datang tengok Emir, hadiah dan doa kepada kami. Siapa-siapa yang nak tengok Emir dari dekat, boleh la ke Kemensah yer. Mira rase lepas ni mira dah jarang-jarang sikit blog kot.


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