Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My 9 months Part II

Questions of emotions. I guess the most difficult thing to deal with pregnancy is the emotional distress that it puts one through. Hubby always told me that I have an extremed feeling especially towards him, - the ups and downs diagram, no consistent one fine line. I am not so sure whether he is settled with my such attitude.

Today, I told hubby I was not feeling well because the contractions attacked me every now and then. As a lovely hubby, he then asked me to rest, while he cooked for our dinner. Then both of us watched the match between Arab Saudi and Ukraine until i fall asleep in his arms. Entah macam mane, I woke up and asked him to buy Peel Fresh and straightly he went down to buy the Peel Fresh for me apart from buying The Star for himself.

After having the mango Peel Fresh, I fall asleep again and I woke up around 12.30 am. Hubby was online in front of me, and I am certainly not so sure why I become soo mad at him. The reason being - pinggan tak basuh lagi. Hah, tell you what, its only a reason to be mad. Yeah, I understand it is my responsibility to clean up the mess, but like I said, rase nak marah je.

Hubby noticed that I was not in a good mood, and he tried to break the ice between us but as usual silence is the best sign to show my objection. I then, washed the plates and read the newspaper and I definitely sure my hubby doesnt has any clue why I am suddenly became too moody.

But, he is too patient, bini masam mencuke, he still tried to cheer me up but aku buat bodoh je sampailah die tertido. Then ape lagi, I watched the match between Tunisia and Spain. Heh.. And now im back to normal. Tapi tak best die dah tido, kene tengok sorang-sorang. Padan muke!! hehe

Ok, it is only one of the story. Sometimes I can be mad just because he refused to wear the shirt that I have ironed. The question is why? why? why? Sometimes I am tired to act that way but I couldnt help it. Tak de angin tak de ribut nak marah-marah, luckily my Emran has that patient to be beside me.

p/s I know you are reading this.. Sorry.. :D

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