Monday, June 26, 2006

My 9 Months Part 5

A colleague of mine told me that one way to increase my baby weight is to eat western food since nasi mira dah tak berape jalan dah. Luckily, I am a cheese lover, so told hubby and hubby bought a cheese and the result, alhamdulillah, in one week ibu naik 2kg and baby naik 300g. I eat the cheese with the bread je. Hubby is excited because I nearly reached his weight. hehe

Anyway, yesterday I went to the office to clean up all my works before I go for a long long break. Banyak gile keje, penat ade, tak larat pun ade, tapi kugagahi jua, kesian pulak dekat orang lain mase mira tak de nanti. After all, its my work and my clients. Luckily, hubby was willing to help me until 2am BUT still keje tak habis jugak. :(

Hubby is so proud with the files.. hehe, sian die sampai nak tertido, but he keep saying "Yang, england dah tendang bola", "yang, england dah goal".. hehe terpakse laa die sacrifice jap tak tengok england..

Can you see the files?? Tak habis lagi tu

And this is us around 2 am, before balik

p/s Did u watched the match between Holand and Portugal. For me, it was the interesting game in this World Cup, banyak yellow and red cards!! :D

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