Sunday, June 25, 2006

My 9 Months Part 4

Quick update..

As you know, every Thursday i will never miss the appointment with my gynea and it may be one of the last visit to that small room. Bad luck, I woke up late that Thursday and I dint prepare myself to drink a lot of water. And to that.. the doctor said, my index reading of water in my placenta is only 8 which is at the border line. Patutnyer 10, she explained (correct me if im wrong) placenta is categorized into 4 parts and one of the part my index reading is ZERO!! luckily it doesnt effect the overall reading.

Since the reading is lower, so the doctor asked me to do the CTG again, not to check the contraction but to check the baby's heartbeat. Hubby was away for a while, so during the CTG procesesed, the nurse who was in charge taking care of me was really depressed me with her expression. Why? Everytime she looked at the diagram, the "shocking" expression came out from her face. I then asked her..

"Macam mane baby punyer diagram"
"Baby punye jantung ade jatuh sikit"

Huh!! Berpeluh tau tak, because it involved the heartbeat. So, after 25 minutes, went to meet the doctor again, and the perasan pandai nurse was wrong. My gynea informed us that the baby is very active and when I mentioned about the nurse, my gynea answered, "normal la tu, kalau die senyap, jatuh la sikit". Conclusion : Dont trust the nurse.

Anyway, to our surprised, our baby weight has increased to 300g which gone up to 2.6kg, last week 2.28, and my placenta is only increased to 0.3 cm which is far from the target. No decision whether I have to undergo the operation or not but I told my gynea, if possible I prefer the normal delivery and she noted.

Surveyed the best post natal care for both mother and baby and I found out that these two products are most the talk of the town.

If normal delviery I will choose Nona Roguy

Kalau kene caeser, then I choose Amway - Tropical Herbs Ok, its not because I am the Amway distributor, but it has been suggested by most mothers around me.

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