Friday, June 16, 2006

My 9 months

An appointment with my gynea yesterday is such a fearful experience to both of us. Counting the days before my due date is actually will send me to a complete panic especially when my colleagues and friends shared their experienced. Those who experienced caesarean will persuade me to undergo the operation and for those who experienced both delivering process, will advice me to give a try for normal birth first.

Yesterday, I was on leave and I used this opportunity to stay up until late at night watching the match until 5 am and to that, seriously I woke up at 2pm. Bangun sekejap sebab siapkan hubby pi keje, gosh!! Actually every time I do have an appointment with the gynea, I will prepare myself to get full extra sleep and relaxation because I know it will effect a good news.

So, as I predicted, alhamdulillah the doctor said my blood, urine test, weight, body is fit for the mommy-to-be conditions but when she talked about our baby, then only my heartbeat beating fast.

Of course, the gynea will begin the news with what we want to listen to. She showed me every single part of my baby. Yeah, this time around I could see my baby sucked his fingers, so cute to watch that small 2.3kg creature playing around in his own environment. The more I look at him, the more I fall in love with him even though the 9 month seems the longest month of all.

What happen during my nine months

a) More frequent Braxton Hicks contractions - I experienced the most painful contraction a few hours back. This is seriously painful, i thought the day has come!! Usually it only cause some discomfort and to me it is a good practice to prepare myself for the D day.

b) Changes in fetal activity - Even though he is less active now, but trust me sometimes when he move i could feel his arms / legs.

c) Urinary Frequency - Sometimes it quite annoying because it reduced my sleeping quality.

d) Occasional headches, dizzines, indigestion, loss of appetite and energy

e) Leg cramps and having backache - ini haa, sangat tidak best

and few more symptoms..

But i understand that this is an easy pahala from Allah to all mothers in this world. Ok back to our visit with the gynea, she confirmed that the baby is OK except for the placenta which is slighly lower that it is supposed to be. At first, she said she will allow me for the normal birth but later on when she recalled back my history especially when i have experienced 2 times of bleeding, then she suggested I should go for the caesarean and the worst nightmate, she suggested this week!!

Phuh!! Of course I am not ready with this sudden decision and I begged her to postpone for the decision until next week at least to allow my baby to move another 2 cm from the opening. Doktor pun kalau boleh, she wants me to go for normal birth, but anyway tak kisah laa mane pun janji both of us selamat and sihat.

But lagi bertambahlaa ketakutan Puan Wan Faziatul Amira..

Doakan mira dapat salin normal. Seriously I want my hubby to be beside me during the labor process, kalau operate, tak dapat laa die nak tengok macam mane sakitnyer perempuan nak keluarkan zuriat untuk laki.

Tau tak ape-ape petua untuk naikkan uri?

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