Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Update, update

As I have planned before, today i will be on MC. Basically, today is my appointment with my gynea and i definitely sure it is just like clicking on a button to request for the MC.

Hari ni bangun awal macam biase, terbangun. Was forcing myself to stay in the bed for another few minutes but mission not accomplished. Brush my teeth, perform Subuh prayer and staring at my hubby. Dunno what to do next, I forced him to wake up, dengan alasan mama baba suruh breakfast.. hehe abang sori yerk, pagi tadi tu tipu je :p. Well, biaselaa bile dengar perkataan mak mertua bapak mertua suruh, laju laa sikit kan..

After breakfast, it was still early for both of us, so we chit-chatted until i fell asleep, and hubby - mandi. Hubby was a little bit geram to watch me still sleeping when the clock is already ticking 9.45 am, :p.

We arrived at Damai Hospital around 10.15am, as usual I have to go through all the procedures before meeting with the gynea. The lobby is packed with the patients and most of us are waiting to see our gynea. Hmm.. luckily hubby punyer geram tak lame..

Masuk jumpe gynea, the first thing she asked was
"hai amira, how r u"
"hows the baby movement"

I told her that I was not taking a good care of myself for the past few weeks, so dengan pantas kilatnyer, she said "I bagi you MC hari ni ok".. See, tak payah mintak pun. *wink*. Then after a while she continued..

"Hari ni you kene cucuk kancing gigi"..
Err.. kene cucuk lagi..

She checked my blood pressure, my weight and everything and alhamdullilah, tak de ape-ape. I gained another 2kg in one month which is quite consistent for a pregnant woman. Then, its time for the best part in meeting with her..

"Ok mira,jom scan"
She checked my tummy,
"You tak sapu ubat ke"
Me: "Nope, tak sempat doktor"


Her: "Kene sapu ni"
Me: "Ok, lepas ni i pergi beli"
Her: "Kaki you ok, tak de bengkak-bengkak"

She then put the liquids on my tummy and started scanning ..

Her: "See the heartbeat"
Me: "Dah besar dah, tulang belakang die pun dah clear"
Her" "Ni mate die, aik, tangan die kat atas, mesti baby ni banyak pikir"
Me: "Hehe, like his mum"

Note: Readers, I clearly can see his five fingers, amazing kan..

Me: "Doktor, i nak tengok muke die"
Her: "Baby ni pemalu laa die tutup, jap i carik"
HEr: "See his eyes, nose and pipi die tembam"

Yes, yes yes.. memang pipi die tembam, bulat betul, ok turun dari papa ibu die. Then we continued exploring my baby.

Sayang, ibu tak sabar nak jumpe
Asyik-asyik teringat kat sayang
Bile sayang tendang, it makes me wonder
Kaki sayang besar mane, kenape tendang
Selesa tak?? We both loves u

Alhamdulillah, my placenta dah naik sikit even though it is still slightly low and it is not blocking the way. Way to ape die, im not sure. But, i still have a chance to deliver a normal birth. Sekarang berat baby 1.78kg, doktor kate still tak cukup, suruh mira makan banyak-banyak, tapi cepat betul die naik, sebab last month, 900gm je AND MINUM AIR BANYAK-BANYAK. And just now, hubby forced me to drink 5 glasses of plain water sekali arung. Kembung perut..

Hubby you are soo lovvely. Honestly, I am too dependant. When the doctor asked, vitamin ape yang i nak, Quickly I glanced at him until the doctor asked

"You ni makan ubat ke tak"
"Eh makan"
"Kalau makan kenape pandang husband u, sebab bile makan u mesti tau ubat mane nak habis"
"Ubat i outsource"

Err, sebenar-benarnye, ubat-ubatan ni my dearly hubbbylaa yang arrange, I no nothing about it. :D Bile ubat habis, he will ask me to go to the panel and request for the ubat. Itu je i tau, the rest, malam-malam, die akan bagi ubat, sampai tahap masukkan ubat dalam mulut, so that is why i memang tak tau ape-ape :D Tau telan ubat je.. Yeah, yeah, memang i spoilt sikit, even my mum pun terkejut.. What to do :p dah 7 bulan diajar macam tu, so bile makan ubat sendiri rase lain. Hehe.. and it same goes with drinking two glasses of milk per day, kalau die tak buat, meaning i pun tak minum. Dunno wat happen to me, buat air untuk die, but I just let myself waiting for him to make me a drink. Haha terukkan..

Well, anyway.. im in love.. :D

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