Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The clock is ticking

Can you see the countdown on the top left of this page, yeah i already in my 34 weeks and 2 more weeks to go. (Note:36 weeks is considered as safe enough to deliver). Hatiku berdegup-degup, feeling guilty as i should register for pre ante natal class but the time is very limited for me to spend a few hours to attend the class. So, the best teachers are to ask my mum, my colleagues and from my reading materials.

Takut, yerp.. I believe that giving birth is one of the nature's most powerful event in woman's life. Im speaking about how birth and pregnancy experience has changed your perspective in life. As for myself, once I was ambitious to be the best among my friends (you can read my archives) but later on, the reflections of motherhood has certainly twist my objective. To tell you the truth, no more talking about ACCA, no more another 3 years of facing the compliance periods and no more depanding on THAT scholarship. But now Im looking forward to work (yeah, i strongly advise we as a woman should has a stable job unless your hubby is totally $$$) in a place where you can spend MORE time with your family.

I know that i have a feeling of motherhood when i am willing to do anything for my baby. I could not describe the experience when the baby is kicking, stroking and twisting in your tummy or he does nothing at all!! Itu belum lagi when he is born, placed in my arms and screaming at me. Subhanallah.

Anyway, to answer the most favorite question, insyaAllah kalau tak de ape-ape, my due date is around 28 june 2006 to 5 th july, so another few weeks to go and i understand the given date is not sufficient enough!!

Doakan mira and baby selamat yer..

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