Sunday, April 30, 2006

Yeah, the peak period is OVER!!

At least 2 months i spent my weekend in the office, 7 days a week and approximately with the minimum of 12 hours. Pergh, looking back at the past, I cant believe what i am doing. A pregnant lady proved that pregnancy is not a reason to avoid from commitment. So, let say if one day if i become a boss, trust me, its pretty hard for me to accept any such reason relating to your pregnancy and your work. Yeah, the key word is, do not pamper yourself. Cewahh macam belagak pulak kan.

But, actually thanks to my lovely colleagues who are very supportive and understanding. Without their cooperation, i dont think i can finish all my work within the specific time given. Yeah, diakui, memang penat gile, tambah2 baby dalam perut.

And to my dearly hubby, thank you so much. Well, everyone keep asking what is my hubby's reaction(including my partner). Hmm, he is so cool and very very very gentleman, willing to pick me up at any hour even at 5 am in the morning. Yes, ladies and gents, the last day i work until 5 am in the morning, and came back to the office around 9 am the next day. He will keep me company and will call me every now and then. And, if not because of him, my baby is short of supplies of all vitamins and calcium. Yelaa, when you are working too hard, you tend to forget your health.

So now, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, cik-cik yang dihormati sekalian, lepas ni kite boleh laa chatting yer. I feel guilty whenever my friends BUZZ me, most of the time i just ignored them.

Haha, see my plan..

a) tidur.......... Note: Done
b) cut my hair.... Note: Done
c) see dentist....
d) spa............
e) cari baju maternity lagi
f) cari barang baby lagi
g) concentrate on my pregnancy..
i) catch up any gossip with my friends haha..
j) plan a nice and memorable event to celebrate our first anniversary .. kejap kan dah setahun..
i) settle all agreement with PETRONAS

Anyway, to all preggies and ibu ibu, Safe 'N Sound ade sale until 14 may, jom serang!!

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