Saturday, April 08, 2006

In Kemensah

Am supposed to go to the office today, but since I am here in Kemensah, I feel even better to spend some time with my siblings and my dearie. Being able to cook for them was the best thing that I can do. To tell you the truth, I dint pay a visit to Kemensah for almost a month!! I repeat a month!! Should I blame the work, yeah, boleh jugak.. So, even though the filing date is just around the corner, but I guess tengok adik-adik kat rumah lagi bagus. After all, Mama and Baba are on their vacation to a far far away land.

Ok, have I make up my mind? Err, I am still considering the pros and cons. And, alhamdulillah Dearie is here to help me to get through this tough decision. I expressed to him about my feeling towards the offer, and he is such a great friend where he is willing to listen and tolerate.

I understand for his concern about my health and also our future kid(s), and I am thankful to have a husband who really care and love u more than himself. So, ape lagi yang kite nak kan?

So, whatever decision after this, I already get a sincere approval from my hubby even though people around me might think that I am selfish or stupid. And I am happy if Dearie is happy. Lagipun, hubby sorang je yang paham ape baik buruk si Mira ni..

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