Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Too tired to talk, too tired to speak, too tired to write.
Letih. Sejak-sejak dah bulan 6 pregnant, mira dah makin tak larat and cepat penat. Monday, I sampai rumah pukul 12, yesterday 10+. Imagine laa banyak mane keje kiterang. Naik tangga setingkat pun dah termengah, but somehow I proud to be myself. Even though I am pregnant, I am able to do what I can do before Im getting pregnant even though throughout the period, I have some complications during my pregnancy.

I dun really like the way people give reasons because they are pregnant, stressful, having a problem with your family/bf/gf because everyone of us do have a problem to solve or a decision to make.

Speaking about the decision, I have received an "uninvited" called from a woman who is currently working with the government. She informed me that I have been offered a position that I really admire before I joined EY.

Yerp, I dint give the definite answer. In my mind, I wanted to reject because you know how I feel when I talk about a government servant. (I mean not all). But, the atmosphere is so much different when i told the news to my hubby.

He was so excited, I understand laki mane tak happy kalau banyak mase sikit kat rumah. Abang, you promise me 3 bende kan, kalau ikut semalam, terlebih2 la pulak sayang die. Deep in my heart, I wanted to argue about my feeling and ambition but thinking about my family, restu mak ayah (my parents serious suke betul) and restu husband, I guess the job will promise me a better future in my life.

And this is called sacrification. I do get some opinions with my colleagues and friends and most of them preferred if I accept the offer. Lepas dah fikir masak-masak, lepas fikir balik ape akan jadi, lepas fikir balik here and there, I have called the person in charge and inform her I accept the offer.

Life goes on...

Btw, if you are in my position

Married, having a kid, husband suke kalau masuk that post, both family suke, orang kate rezeki baby, keje you ade sekarang ni teruk jugak, attractive salary BUT

you are happy ape yang u buat sekarang... what will you do??

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