Monday, April 10, 2006


Yesterday, we went to visit hubby's colleague at Damai Service Hospital to see their new born baby. For me, its an opportunity to observe how good and efficient they are in handling the newborn baby. Well, oklaa if you are not comparing with Gleneagles or Pantai or Ampang Puteri.

When we arrived, the baby was with her mum, looking at the baby, I was amazed to see a small creature who kicks inside ur tummy, sharing your foods, sharing your stories and sharing your life is born and now is on your lap.

At first, she offered me to hold the baby, but I was quite scared, ye laa baru berape jam je lahir, lagipun anak orang, tapi tak tahan. Geram. I put the baby on my lap and gently stroking her in different patterns :). Honestly, i am falling in love with that momment even though the baby is not mine.

The funny thing was, my baby only kicked me twice and the baby on my lap was so comfortably played around with my stupid jokes. Usually, everytime I hold the baby, is he is a boy, it is either the baby cried or my baby will continuously kicking me. Dearie said, my baby is as gatal as him.. haha.

Since then, I couldnt stop imaging how my life will be so colorful with my baby is around. Even, yesterday, mimpi baby lagi. And today, my baby bagi tendangan yang kaw-kaw punyer.

I should post the picture here, but forgot to bring the cable.

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