Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Surprised announcement

I was typing a telememo. FYI - every single call that we attend, as the staff, we need to record and file it. Suddenly, the monitor screen jadi hitam and everyone was screaming. Damn, blackout!!

Yeah, we are reaching towards the end of the first stage of compliance season. 31 March is the submission date for Form E (the Remuneration Statement of Employer) and most of my colleagues are dying to complete it on behalf of the client. Office is acting like a 7 Eleven.

The tense, depress, stress are the obstacles that each of us has to face. Alhamdulillah, this time around I have been assigned to do 4 Form Es and I have completed it by last week. Kalau mase ni tak siap lagi, rase i pun boleh terberanak. :p

So, after a few hours, my partner announced that we all can go home. Yerp, everyone is puzzled but happy to hear the good news even though the fact is we have to postpone our work. So, ape lagi, i packing ape yang patut yang boleh bawak balik rumah, and chiaooo.. And some of us, balik rumah dulu, lepas tu malam karang datang balik ofis.. Me, tak pe laa.. tak larat.

Compliance.. compliance.. sekarang tunggu 28 April pulak.. Lepas tu i wanna spend a good time with my hubby and family.

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