Saturday, March 25, 2006


Hi readers, sorry this blog is becoming more and more like motherhood website. :D. I admit that day by day I m loving this pregnancy and surely i can talk about this experience 24 hours a day. Sorry Emmachan, but loving it when new preggies such as HotMama, fynn, and syik_r are sharing their stories with me.

I clearly remember the first time when my baby moved. Feeling a bit "flutters". But after a few days I realise that my baby is making those funny sensations. For me, it is the beginning that someone live inside my womb.

As my baby grows, the movements become more definite. Boleh rase tendang, bergolek, tukar position. The first time hubby listen to the movements, he was shocked. And up until now, if I asked him to place his head on my tummy, he is kind of "afraid" to face this surprise drum.

And now, with just putting my hand on my tummy, I can listen to his/her heartbeat. When I talk to my baby, sometimes his/her movements slowing down or increasing in response. He/ She is still very active with the real kicks!!

And you know what, my baby movements is more noticeable at night when I am doing nothing especially when i already in bed rather than during the day when I am more active. My hubby and I love to see my tummy when my baby kicks, best!! Boleh nampak ade bende terpancul-pancul dari perut..

I guess this baby already has a cycle of sleeping and playing. At 1-3 am (hyper active) he/she will kick, twist and turn until I sometimes get awake in the middle of the night. But during the day my baby is very very quiet with slow movements. But im bet, at 9-10 pm my baby is probably sleeping and this is the time where hubby loves to knock on my tummy.

Cute kan... I never knew that having a baby in my tummy is the bestest experience ever!!

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