Sunday, March 19, 2006

It just a beginning

I was in the office for the whole day today but surprisingly it was one of the most efficient day for me. I am able to finish quite a number of tax computations and Form E but of course no matter how hard i pushed myself but still the workloads are piling up. Will never reduce until the end of April. Luckily my anniversary falls in May after the compliance season, so i can fully dedicated myself to plan for our first anniversary. Abang, i know you are reading this, and please please please dont "make my blood go upstairs" :D.

I forced hubby to pick me up in the middle of the heavy rain and zoom to Mid Valley. Yerp, during this hectic season, the best medicine which is the remedy of all my sufferings is SHOPPING, but not for me, for my baby. HotMama & syikin, yesterday I went to the Atria and the baby cot really attracted me. Oh, it is in Planete Enfants. Cherry wood baby cot which is a multipurpose baby cot. They are currently having a sale until the end of this week but sampai 20% je.

We almost grabbed it together with the stroller but unfortunately we only have RM70 in hand, haha (at least rm100 as the deposit), and swapping is not an option. Hehe, so we told the salesman that we will come back after we draw our money, but both of us were too excited to shop for other alternatives. So, we rushed to the Sunway Pyramid (tengok Anakku) sebab ade sale), and a few other shops but the price is almost the same.

Hubby was enthusiastic to buy the stroller which embedded with the car seat for the baby, and me, I admire the baby cot. So, today, at the Mid Valley, we were surveying for the prices but there are very very limited choices which are not even close to our preferences. So, finally, we bought a few baju for our baby and a comforter baby set. Cool, I really satisfied on what I have spent.. hehe.. Its just a beginnig.. habis..

I know, i still have a long long way to go but im just too excited..

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