Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Deepest feeling

Working in the environments where the clients influence your communications skills, appraisal and even worst, your life, is the main factor why some people think that this field is full of madness. But on the other hand, you will appreciate what you have.

One of my clients passed away last month but yet the assessment still has to be done. Having a responsibility to file his tax return is far more difficult than facing a stack of claimable receipts since I have put my emotional feeling into it. FYI when you are doing someone tax return you will get to understand the personal details of your client and more or less you will attach to it.

Tomorrow I will call his wife to inform her that her late husband refund cheque has been received by our office recently. Honestly to call a client that their refund cheque is ready to be couriered is the best task that I love to do but not this time around.

I never had a chance to talk to this client since I have just taken over the portfolio from my colleague. But from what I have heard, he is a nice guy and two weeks before "dijemput Allah", he called my senior to ask for his tax matters and told my senior he was not feeling well and will undergo an operation. We can only plan isn't it?

Anyway, will call arwah's wife tomorrow.

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