Tuesday, February 14, 2006


When the Valentines comes..

a) a rose = a ticket to watch a new movie in TGV KLCC
b) a workstation = a display for bouquet of flowers
c) a candlelight dinner = one month petrol
d) KL road = a massive traffic jam!!

Some of my colleagues keep asking what is the valentine's gift from my hubby. Simple answer "I dont celebrate Valentines" and it did surprised them. I dont agree on the idea to show your love on the certain date + wasting your savings just to express your love.

Love is beautiful but love is not to burden you. It is more meaningful if we share the laughter and the tears. You could judge a person straight to his/her that he/she is falling in love with you. Love is something that you should treasure everyday and appreciate it each and every momment, so why must we have 14 February?? Tak payah laa. Kan kan..

p/s thanks to Allah because rewarding Emran Mohd Tamil in my life - Love him so much..

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