Monday, February 13, 2006

Hey hey hey

Alohaa, its already 9.03pm and yet im still in the office. Well staying in the office during this odd hours is quite common for me but not today as i have to wait for my hubby instead he waits for me. Honestly, I do have a lot lot of works to be done, but yet im so tired and drowsy to finish it. I wish someone will give me a nice bed embedded with a comfy comforter so i can swim into it and dreams all night long.

But as a matter of fact, currently im in the midst of completing this 2005 compliance season. Those of you who do not know what the compliance season means - well, it is actually the busiest month(s) in the year for all audit / professional staffs. As for me, feb - april would really drive me crazy. Pity to my baby, he also has to follow his mummy footsteps to work during the weekends, public holidays and late at night.

A few of my friends did advice me to resign and concentrate on my pregnancy and my family. But to tell you the truth, I am truly happy on what i have now. A supporting husband and a challenging job. Yerp, i repeat - I love my job even though it cause me a big headache, unneccessary pressure and limitation of time. Time with my family and friends.

Wedding bell in March. Nadilla (jasinian) will be getting married in the middle of March with her love of his life, an architect, but sorry dear, i definitely not able to attend the ceremony in Terengganu. Nice story on how they met. Coincidently, like people said, jodoh takkan ke mana.

Next, Ise and Kak Umei, hubby's friend. His bestman. Hhee. Ni wajib pergi, as we are very close to each other.

Ok, lagi satu.. emm better to announce here as im not officially invited.

Ok, tadaaa.. hubby dah kat bawah..

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