Friday, February 17, 2006

Hey hey hey

Adeh, baru balik dari office + pergi makan kat luar sekali lah. Letih? Tiap-tiap hari letih, but like I said over and over again, im not workaholic but the workloads pushed me to work header. Tak tau la colleagues mira yang lain, but if you asked me, the atmosphere dekat sini memang mira suke, biarlah keje banyak pun, tapi team spirit - first class.

Mane nak carik boss-boss fax sendiri, typing sendiri (some forms we need to use typewriter), photostate sendiri. I was surprised u know. Yerp, mira boleh compare previous company-company yang mira pernah keje, jauhnyer beze. Tapi of cos lah, mane-mane tempat pun takkan perfect.

Ade orang kite suke, ade orang kite tak suke, ade orang suke dekat kite and ade orang tak suke kat kite. Lumrah hidup kan. Because we are not born to be perfect, for me, making mistakes helps us to be more mature in making decision.

There is one girl who just joined in our department about one week and after that she resigned. High possibility that she is accepting a better offer but i doubt it. Most of us assumed that she couldnt stand the pressure and workloads but to tell u the truth, what she had in hand is just a piece of Farah's portfolio, kan farah kan. About 5-10% of our work.

Yerp, she keeps complaining and complaining. Ok, you are right, maybe this is not for her. But honestly to survive in the Big Four is not that easy. You must have determination and preseverance to move from one level to one level. I am still in the learning stage where i do admit at one point, resigning is the best option that i have.

But, i do have an objective and satisfaction that i want to achieve with the support of my husband. Maybe, in the few years time, this spirit will change. But at least at the end of my career, i will remember the time where i used to be that workaholic. Balik dah la lambat, pastu sambung buat keje kat rumah lagi. And that is why i do value my $$$.

Ok ok, on the other occasion, tahniah kepada kawanku yang melahirkan anak yang ke tiga - tak sure laki ke perempuan, comel sangat, tengok gambar kat blog die je, tak berani nak sebut name, takut ade orang marah. but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! im happy for you.. hope one day, i can invite you with all your three little kids..

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