Thursday, December 29, 2005

You are the best hubby in the world

Whoa, that is seriously a relief after a week of hard work. This whole week, I am on my first annual leave but only today mark a full rest day of my beautiful leave. I still came to the office but still, I have not yet completed all the assignments given. Yeah, when I talk about work, there is no sign of full stop. Last week not only was a good practice for me to cope up with the compliance season but also the best time for my hubby to understand the nature of my work.

Went back at 11 pm, and came to the office as usual the next morning was totally something that basically I have to avoid especially during my pregnancy period. But, for me it is complicated to explain. But as I told my husband, I love the pressure and I am coming to a place whereby I love this job. Sound crazy huh? Honestly, being on pressure sometimes it is a positive thing. It really keeps me focused on task, and at the same time, I have the opportunity to learn.

Sometimes, I continue asking myself whether I am on the right path? Doing the right thing? What I put myself into? And so on.. But I guess, I have gone through one stage where I let myself go with the time. I do keep my options open but the result is always - "you have to be here, doing tax".

Anyway, on top of that, a big hugs and kisses for my hubby for his support even though at once he complained. Hai, laki mane tak complain kan bile bini die keje sampai ke malam. But he is my real hero, friends, husband and boyfriend. He will wait for me until I finish my work, call me every now and then to ensure that I am ok and etc. Yesterday, he was beside me until 3 am in the office!! Thanks dear.

Tomorrow is my appointment with my gynea, Cant wait to meet my baby!!

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