Monday, December 12, 2005

Second time

Yeah, definitely im back after a few weeks away from blogging and not even has the opportunity to view other bloggers. November was the hectic month for me and it is getting worst in December. Okey, talking about work is endless point to debate on, all I need to do is - counting my year end annual leave and preparing myself for the ten days full rest with my dearest hubby. Even though we have no plan for vacation, err actually Dearie did suggested some places but I dont feel like going anywhere.

Maybe it was an outdated news for you, but FYI I took another MC the end of last month. Only a day but it was awful. My sister in law met an accident at Sungai Buluh, and inside the car was her 10 years old daughter. I wont describe how was it happened but alhamdulillah both mother and daughter are in the stable condition. I rushed to the Sungai Buloh Hospital as I received the news with Dearie, as soon as I reached there, I volunteered myself to accompany my sister in law to the ladies. No toilet inside the small building.

But unfortunately, I fell down. Yeah, the floor was slippery. It was not painful at all. But.. late at night, hanya tuhan yang tahu betapa sakitnya perutku ini. I cried not because it was painful but I was afraid for my baby condition. But, seriously, it was subhanallah. Sakit ya amat. I never experienced that painful before. But alhamdulillah, after a few hours fighting for the painful, im ok.

Only the next day, I went to see my gynea. And hehe, I managed to see my baby for the second time. That was a really a good compensation after panicking moment. According to the doctor, there was nothing I could worry since both of us were doing fine. Hah, once I heard the news, all the negative perception run off from my head.

The doctor gave an option whether I wanted to scan or not since he was surely confident that the baby is "laughing" in my womb. Since it was an option, of cos I wont let myself missed this second chance. So, lets scan.

The same process again. I laid down on the bed, the doctor put some lotion and jeng jeng jeng. I was surprised to see the small little bean last 2 weeks has grown up to 4cm. Last time my baby was only 1cm. And amazingly, once the doctor placed that gadget on my tummy, I could easily recognize my baby on the screen. Note: Last time took about few minutes before the doctor showed my baby.

My little baby was "jumping" and "jumping" around its yolk. FYI, this yolk supplies food for the baby before it has its own "tali pusat". Haha, what we call tali pusat in English. Nyeh nyeh. My baby was actively running inside this comfy space as if he/she was playing football. Both of us laughed to share this sweet moment with our doctor and nurse. The doctor said "see, your baby is doing great!!"

We enjoyed our time watching our little baby playing inside my tummy, yeah, I hardly couldn't describe other word besides "play" and "jump". Even the doctor complained that it was difficult to capture the picture of my baby besides its yolk since this baby tak reti duduk diam. Anyway, I will upload the picture tomorrow - if only he remembers to upload it. (I asked for his help). But unfortunately, the picture was not as we requested. (without yolk). But, looking back on my baby's progress, best sangat!! Tak dapat gambar pun tak pe, janji die sihat. Kan baby??

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