Friday, December 30, 2005

End of first trimester

Surely, ibu never knew meeting a gynea is far more interesting than meeting your papa when he was Ibu's boyfriend :p Even though sometimes ibu felt worried about my health but truly the gynea will always present an exciting news for Ibu to listen.

Actually our appointment is schedule at 1.30pm but we came earlier - about 11am. As the receptionist already recognized Ibu, so it is easier to register. Usually we will talk about your grandma and Ibu's work. FYI, my mum has given birth 5 out of 7 of my siblings at Sambhi Clinic.

Yesterday, Ibu slept at 4 am just because Ibu could not resist watching Fear Factor with your Papa. Papa was begging Ibu to sleep earlier but your stubborn Ibu ignored his words. And to that effect, once Ibu jumped into the car, Ibu already flies to Pluto. Ehee

As usual, each visit to Sambhi Clinic, Ibu has been instructed to do the urine test and weighing my weight but surprisingly Ibu did not put on weight at all. Weird. Of course I do. Imagine, Ibu could not zip my jeans, no more wearing suits to the office and sometimes Ibu eats like nobody business. Pelik kan sayang.

Scanning. The most historic part about pregnancy. If only they allow Ibu to watch you for 24 hours, I will do. Once the doctor put the gadget on my tummy, I could see you straight away. Wow, there is no more little bean inside my womb but it already turns into - how should I say - nice body / features. The doctor explained from this time around, you will be measured by your head and now you are 2.7 cm and your full length is approximately 6.8 cm. And, the doctor shows Ibu your cute leg, hands and head. Besides, more and more of your organs are functioning every day.

Baby, when the doctor was explaining about you to us, suddenly you have given a surprise gesture. You raised your hand as if you want to say hi to us and it does make us burst into laughter. Are you trying to say something? The doctor printed your picture while you were sucking your finger(s). And I just got to know that three months little baby has the ability to suck you own finger(s).

Alhamdulillah, your heart beating well. But ibu did asked the doctor about my hands and fingers. Usually, when Ibu is having a shower, it is normal for Ibu to start shivering but lately it is not only shivering but Ibu hands and fingers turns into blue in color. Bruise. Scary right. But when the doctor checked, alhamdulillah everything is ok. And from Ibu's reading material, maybe it because of Ibu's blood demands has increased to 30% and Ibu could not supply enough blood to support the demands. Hmm I will deal with that. Ibu understand as you are really beginning to show, you give Ibu the stretch marks and as a result Ibu will start scratching here and there and your papa will hold my hands to stop me.

Ibu has been advised by the doctor to drink a lot of plain water which Ibu already predict that she will be going to say that to Ibu. This past few week, ibu admit that Ibu did not eat a proper meals since Ibu was so exhausted after a long day at work, but luckily Ibu has your papa to make sure that Ibu drinks two glasses of milk, soybeans, all the vitamins for us and etc every day. We are lucky because we have a man who really cares about us especially you. Every movement, your papa will remind Ibu "baik-baik sikit, baby kite dalam tu".

And this is the end of our first trimester. Ibu should thank you for not giving much problem during this period. No morning sickness. Sometimes, ibu did not realize that ibu is carrying you because of my daily routine lifestyles. But ibu promise to give the best that I can for you to have a comfy space inside my womb. But honestly, I am afraid what will happen to us during Ibu's peak period March & April. What can only Ibu says, Allah is beside us.

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