Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Do you know that?

I was playing around with Dearie, yeah we love to kacau each other. So, one day, I put my head on his tummy, pretending that I was listening his baby heartbeat. As I was probing on his tummy, he snoared (intentionally), and once I settled at one spot, I could listen clearly a sound which I did not sure where it came from.

I told my husband and listened again to the sound, but Dearie continuing making that noise and ignoring my question. Frustrated, I turned around to show my objection, and as usual, Dearie would quickly gave me a hug.

And he said "Sebab tu la, orang mengandung ni, die kene selalu baca Quran, sebab ape yang kite cakap, baby boleh dengar. Tak boleh nak marah-marah, kene selalu cakap dengan baby, sebab suara tu bile kite cakap mengalir sampai kat perut"

And that night, I learnt something useful to myself. A reason behind it.

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