Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bile makan depan orang puasa

Dearie is still on his Puasa Enam but I.. having my breakfast in front of him even asked him to accompany me to Cikgu Rohaya's stall at Jalan J. There, I had my Nasi Lemak and Teh O suam

For my lunch, I just bought two Dunkin Donuts as I already ate heavy breakfast.

After office hour, we went to Giant Melawati but I was too starving to walk. Yeah, today was quite a hectic day for a pregnant woman like me. Went to IRB Wangsa Maju, then back to office - today I don't have enough time to breathe as one of my manager is going on annual leave starting tomorrow. So, most of the assignment due today, and later in the evening, I rushed to IRB Jalan Duta to settle a case.

That was the reason I looked pale and HUNGRY. Dearie had to see his wife eating Cheeseburger as if I don't have any other business to worry. Hehe. Dah isi minyak, then we shopped, but after that I forced dearie to go to Pasar Malam. So here is the story.

For dinner

- I eat for almost one hour. Yes ladies and gents, one hour...
Rice, Prawns, Fish, Sate (3 cucuk je), Roti John, Mango, Soybean, Keropok, Milk..

and the result...

I vomitted for the first time. Penat je makan. Dearie laughed. He was kinda so happy to watch me learnt a lesson.

Conclusion : Jangan makan ikut nafsu..
Jangan makan depan orang puasa

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