Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tak boleh tido

Today is the first time i went to The Curve, a brand new shopping mall in the heart of Mutiara Damansara (next to Ikano). Actually, my hubby insisted to go to Pet Safari at Ikano. Oh, FYI, Dearie is in the middle of his craziness for FISH. Aquatic fish. He may go anywhere if anyone suggested it is a better place for FISH. Hehe. And conclusion, kasihku terbahagi dua. :p

Anyway,it is interesting to see the marine's life. Marine 88 in Subang for me is the best place in town to hunt for fish especially for the beginner. But if you want to safe cost, Jalan Pasar is much much more cheaper compared to other places provided that you buy the fish from the "illegal" trader. nyeh nyeh..

Just now, we break our fast at Vivo, at first I was nagging to bukak puasa at Ikea but then when i saw the Vivo's concept and the design, I changed my mind :p. I had my salmon with cream sauce pasta (with rice) while hubby had his black pepper chicken also with nasik (forgot the name) and to end our session, American cheesecake was awesome. Yeah, i know i know.. Ape nak buat, dah gemuk dah pun. :p. Btw, Vivo has a different ordering system which involves writing down your table number, then your orders according to the numbers on the menu and presenting them at the counter. Good idea - can reduce your resources.

Eversince the fasting month started, i guess my expenses for food was tremendously increased. The good reason for this, im lazy to cook after work. Btw, yesterday while we were having our supper at one of mamak's stall in Taman Desa, we saw AF3 ex students (the Sabahan), well enough said, Taman Desa ni dah jadik tempat perkumpulan budak-budak AF nampaknye. Ramai jugak derang dok area-area ni.

To tell you the truth, i couldnt sleep. Pusing kiri, pusing kanan, tak boleh jugak, sebabnye after i went back from Ikano, I terus tido tarak ingat punye, and now hmm kenelaa layan diri sbb Dearie dah pi planet pluto kot sekarang..

Okeh, time to prepare for sahur.. Tadaa..

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