Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tag?? Layan je

Seven things I plan to do before I die:

1) mintak ampun kat semua orang
2) perform hajj with my families
3) win a car or BIG money in a contest
4) able to see my kids growing up in front of my eyes
5) own at least semi-detached house with my own money
6) travelling without worrying how much i spend
7) hidup bahagia hingga akhir hayat..

Seven things I could do:

1) kiss and hugs Dearie everyday without a miss
2) blabbing - Dearie really knows i hold a phd in this field
3) on the phone..
4) ACCA - err, maybe but hopefully i can
5) sleeping - sangat tidak produktif
6) cooking - walaupun tak sedap tapi janji orang boleh telan

Seven celebrity crushes:
1) Freddie Prince Jr
2) Pete Sampras
3) Anuar Zain
4) Mike Delfino -- err dunno his real name.. hehe
5) Bill Rancic
6) Horatio (CSI - Miami sebab die working with brain)
7) Joe Reagan (Fear Factor host - sebab die poyo)

Seven often repeated words:
1) ish ish ish
2) abang ni..
3) "hello, good morning, im amira calling from ernst n young"
4) asal kite pulak
5) "bacakan, tak nampaklah"
6) udah udah laa tu
7) hmm..

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1) pandai macam emran
2) romantik macam emran
3) suke usik macam emran
4) muke macam emran
5) suke curi-curi cium kite macam emran
6) badan macam emran
7) sanggup buat ape saje untuk kite macam emran ... - jangan mare :p

Seven tags go to:
1) sape-sape je
2) yang rajin nak buat
3) yang ade hati nak buat
4) yang rajin layab
5) yang ade blog
6) yang nak kasik orang lain bace
7) yang tak de keje


In the other occasion, i am so happppy until my tears rolling down on my cheek because i just got to know that SHE is happy with her life. At last, she made the confession that make US puzzled for the last 4 years..

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