Friday, October 28, 2005

Just a quick reply

To Sharmeen: Thanks Meen.. Doakan aku, sebab ni pun tak berape confirm lagi

To Teh Zawani: Its mean, you have to meet me dear!! Balik tak tengok orang :p

To Ani: As i said, you have to increase ur angpow next year :)

To Emmachan: Sure we will meet one day, suruh hana masak.. nyeh nyeh

To shaf: Thanks dear..

To tamy: I couldnt jump anymore :D

To ida: Akhirnya paham jugak minah sorang, sabar je laa

To mira: Ok this is not me,but anyway thanks for the wish

To yan: Thanks yan..

To ujie: Terima kasih hosmet!!

To Mrs Lay: This is all rezeki, we still in the early journey of our new world so its mean we have a long long way to go. Anyway, we should cherish all the momment with our hubby first rite?? Mane tahu esok lusa kan.. Do take care dear..

To Anazam: Nak beli ape? Mak aii, baby aku ni pun tak confirm betul2 lagi.. Doakan aku!! Thats the best present

Thanks to all the SMS-es, YM and the phone calls. Doakan kesejahteraan kami ..


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