Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I bet, Ramadhan has a different meaning for different people. Some may see Ramadhan as a perfect way to understand the needs of the needy and poorer people where as some people may define it as the best month to lose weight.

For me, this Ramadhan is very priceless and valuable. It is all first time and first memory ever in my life. Becoming a wife, I have to let myself thinking about my husband situation and as Mama's daughter, I missed the time when I just sit on the chair only waiting for the food! And not to forget, this may be the first time I will celebrate Raya without the presence of my family.

Apart from above, there is something makes me so hyper and over excited. Well, a few days back, I was not feeling well and uncomfortable. At first I thought it was a sign of "stressful" syndrome. Yeah, lately I have loads of work even I have to carry the "lovely" assignment at home. But since I missed my period, I tend to be extra careful of my steps.

I found myself feeling fatigued and tired and the worst part, I can easily feel drowsy no matter how long I had my rest. Plus, I make extra few trips to the toilet but all these symptoms to be honest are what I am waiting for. But, a few months back, I experienced the same scenario, then I went to see the doctor but I was disappointed when the UPT test showed it was negative.

So this time around, im not keeping too much hope, even hubby was afraid to let me to do the test. Afraid that I will burst into tears again. But of cos I couldn't wait any much longer. I forced hubby to drive me to Watson and I bought the pregnancy kit test. I tried and ITS POSITIVE. I shouted and guess what, my hubby did not trust the first test, so he went to the Watson again and bought the new kit and again ITS POSITIVE.

And today, I went to see the doctor and ITS POSITIVE but still too early to speak about it. Even I have to recheck again for confirmation. But this good news, will be the best Ramadhan ever in my life. Hehe.. Yeah, im 3-4 weeks pregnant!! Alhamdulillah.

p/s My family is sooooooo happy!! And word cant describe how happy I am

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