Friday, September 02, 2005

A new report for a new life

First of all, thank you for all the sms-es, shoutbox messages and telephones called that I received as a motivational factor for my first day at work. Seriously it was not easy for a person who has 4 months break to get back to the employment world again.

Waking up early in the morning is much more difficult than awaking Dearie because I need to be ready earlier than him. Luckily Dearie is not demanding for his breakfast so I can skip the job for the time being.

But honestly, my house is totally a mess, and I hope, no one will call me this weekend to come over to my house. I am still in the learning process to balance up my career and my duties as a wife, so please dun give me a heart attack that u r a mile away from my house.

Anyway, after this, Women's Day brings more definition to me as I just realized woman is the backbone of the history. The experience being a career woman for two days makes me proud of being a woman. I salute to all beautiful mothers and wife out there who have been working so hard to earn for a living and improving our family financial. Seriously, it is quite tiring to keep fit after the office hour but since it is a job that most pahala is gained, cooking for hubby and doing all the house chores honestly becomes more challenging than before.

To this, Mama you are still on top of my list. I remember once I popped out a question "tak penatke mama dah 20 tahun buat keje yang same". Mama, once she step in the house, she will walk quickly towards the kitchen to ensure the food is there. If not, with the tudung is still covering her head, she will cook for us. Then, she will assist my two little siblings for their homework, and the routine continues for more than 15 years. Back to the questioned, she just smiled and told me sooner or later I would understand the meaningful of "creating" a generation. And only now, I found out the statement is nowhere to be found in the text book but it is in our cyclical of life.

Trust me, once u have a baby, going back home and see your baby smiling at you, definitely it will pay your day and I dream for it.. :)

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