Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mereka kate

I understand lately i always grumble about my current job and today, i will write it again.. hehehe. After most of my colleagues knows that i have this title -- err Ms. Emran, at least each one of them would begin with a very well-known conversation when we started to chit chatting.. The usual frantic situation

"i heard u r married"
"u look quite young"
"not many people here getting married in the early age"

and my fave response is "ape nak buat dah jodoh, but im enjoying it"

And the conversation does not end there. By heart, i realized that they are trying to tell me that this job requires times and sacrification. Their experienced during the peak season will be the best flavour in playing with my capability and mix emotion.

"Mira tau tak, mase peak period, kiterang siap tido kat opis lagi, senior manager pun tido kat opis, december dah start balik lambat, pukul 9.30pm malam tu biase laa, kalau mase april, lagi laa, tengah malam baru balik, esok datang ofis macam biase"

"amira, you know rite during the peak period, weekend oso with hv to come to work"

"still remember last 30 apr, the last date of submission, i came at 6am and went back at 6am the next day, i dint sleep at all. no joke man.."

"suami akak datang tengok akak datang keje, menangis die tengok akak keje, mase tu pulak akak tengah pregnant 3 bulan"

AND that is why one of the interviewer really emphasized on pregnancy during the intervewing session. Hmm, bukan peak period pun, i am bz, every now and then the senior manager will be chasing us to catch for the datelines, follow ups and progress.

To be honest, i am not afraid on my capability, i know i am capable to do it because i do have one determination that i really want to prove to everyone, BUT what im afraid of is - MY RESPONSIBILITY AS A WIFE... can i cope out?


Weird.. Really weird, even though they noticed that PETRONAS is giving out 6 months bonus (like samah said) but kakak-kakak kat sini (oh, im the 2nd youngest in the dept) they dont really, how to say yer.. derang memang berperasaan pasal bonus, tapi derang macam tak heran.. (i dunno how to describe). why?? that is what i have to find out, when i asked, they just smiled and laughed, "alaa kat sini kene tahan je, tahan kene marah dengan client, tahan kene marah dengan boss, kalau nak tahu, keje lame sikit"

ayoo!! can i??

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